Saturday, April 23, 2016
1:00pm - 4:00pm

*Registration begins at  12:30pm

Greater Chicago West
705 Jackson Boulevard
Oak Park, IL 60304

We've heard you!  This event is for you AND your students.

Hear from two successful college students about how they have transformed self-doubt into success.  These speakers are Eye to Eye Diplomats who inspire audiences and ignite hope through stories of their own journeys to self-empowerment.  Eye to Eye is an organization whose mission is to improve the life of every person with a learning disability.  Eye to Eye fulfills its mission by supporting and growing a network of youth mentoring programs run by and for those with learning differences, and by organizing advocates to support the full inclusion of people with learning disabilities and ADHD in all aspects of society.  

Diplomats are a select group of Eye to Eye’s college-age mentors who are trained to speak to audiences of middle school and high school students with learning differences, their parents and professionals who work with them.  During this presentation, the Diplomats will walk the audience through their journey of educational and personal change, providing a new understanding of LD/ADHD and learning itself.   At the core is a message for people who think differently. The presentation also will provide practical, accessible tips for academic success. 

Guest Speakers:  EYE to eye diplomats

Gerald Porter 1-1.jpg

Eye to Eye Diplomat
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Growing up in Chicago, Gerald knew that he was a different thinker.  It wasn’t until his junior year of high school, though, that he was diagnosed with learning differences. 

By discovering the power of accommodations and developing his self-advocacy skills, Gerald achieved academic success.  At the University of Wisconsin, he has found allies in the McBurney Disability Resource Center—and in turn, he has become an ally to his mentees as an Eye to Eye mentor. 

A creative writing and journalism major, Gerald is a Powers-Knapp Scholar and was class Co-chair of the scholarship program.  In his free time, he enjoys playing water polo, writing for the school newspaper, and tutoring.  He hopes to pursue a career in journalism and education.

Eye to Eye Diplomat
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As a kid in suburban Chicago, Brianna knew that she was a different thinker from a young age.  After she was diagnosed with learning differences in the fourth grade, Brianna effectively made use of accommodations throughout her school journey and developed strong self-advocacy skills.  

As a result, she achieved her academic goals — and was accepted to the James Scholar Honors Program at the University of Illinois.  She was the founding chapter coordinator for Eye to Eye, and was selected to meet with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on his “Back-to-School Bus Tour.” 

Additionally, Brianna is the campus president of Girl Talk (a women’s empowerment group), the Vitality Dance Team Vice President, and a member of Alpha Delta Mu Honors Society. 

Breakout sessions Following main presentation

  • Student breakout session with Eye to Eye Diplomats:

    • Participate in an interactive art project focusing on self-esteem, self-advocacy skills, meta-cognition, accommodations, and/or allies.

  • Parent breakout session with Chris Everett, College Financial Planner:

    • Discover how to lower the cost of college

    • Earn family generated scholarships

    • Help your student select a career in which they are fit to flourish.

    • Attendees receive a Tuition Reward Scholarship valued at $500.

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Helping families pay for college without derailing retirement or amassing unmanageable debt.  Helping students look beyond college and major selection to a career selection in which they are fit to flourish.

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Karin M. Grimes, LCSW
Life Transitions Coaching
Oak Park, IL

Therapist, life coach and former school social worker with 35 years of experience working with teens & families.

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