College Readiness 4 Success is a collaboration dedicated to:

  • Preparing students with learning, attention, social and emotional differences to successfully transition to college
  • Assisting Parents, Educators, and Mental Health Professionals to become more aware of at-risk factors and methods for improving outcomes
  • Helping Families prepare for the financial burden of paying for college by utilizing cost reduction strategies
  • Educating Students about their stress triggers and hard-wired needs, so they are better prepared for the rigors of college life
  • Helping Students also develop Real Money 4 Life© skills.

student readiness for college


Many teens will encounter some turbulence and unexpected storms that could cause the first solo flight from home to college to get off course. 

  • 4 of every 10 freshman may not graduate or be enrolled 5 years later
  • Students with emotional, attention and/or learning disabilities may graduate at an even lower rate

The College Readiness 4 Success program will draw from the growing literature on college transition to help participants make a specific plan to better prepare teens with ADHD/LD for college.

prepare an academic road-map

The College Readiness 4 Success program will shed light on the reasons for the epidemic of college transition difficulties experienced by our youth.

  • Differences between high school and college
  • How these differences impact teens diagnosed with ADHD/LD
  • Tools to target student’s best-fit colleges, majors and future career paths.

In depth information will be shared about coaching as an intervention that is designed to empower individuals.

pay the right price for college

The College Funding Services of Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. helps families pay for college without derailing retirement or amassing unmanageable debt. 

Information will be shared during one of the College Readiness 4 Success program break-out sessions to help families understand how to pay the right price for college, not the sticker price.

Learn more about our upcoming 2017 Fall Conference: Ready For Take-Off on September 16, 2017 at Dominican University Priory Campus.


Origins of College Readiness 4 Success

Karin Grimes of Life Transitions Coaching and Chris Everett of Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. share a passion for helping all students make a successful transition to college.  Chris' background includes not only college financial planning, but also the use of the Birkman Assessment tool to guide students in their selection of college majors and careers.  Karin’s background as a school social worker contributes to her interest in helping students who have different challenges prepare for a college transition. 

As part of Karin's On-Track-For-College Coaching Program, her goal for 2015 was to offer parent groups based on Theresa Maitland’s book Ready for Takeoff: Preparing Your Teen with ADHD or LD for College.  Karin told Chris how excited she was to hear Theresa Maitland speak at the national CHADD conference in November, and Chris suggested “Why don’t we bring Theresa here to speak?” 

And the dream was born – to bring parents, educators and mental health professionals together to learn about and discuss the particular challenges of preparing students with learning, attention, social and emotional differences for a transition to college.  The discussion would share ways to increase the likelihood of student success in this process.  Parents could also learn about tools that are available to help with college financial planning and with career selection prior to choosing a major and college.

Theresa Maitland was very enthusiastic about being a part of this conference.  She brings a wealth of knowledge as a Speaker, Consultant, Author, Researcher and Educator.  Theresa is currently Senior ADHD/LD Specialist & Coach with The Learning Center's ADHD/LD Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.